Server Backup

It is recommended that you do backups of your server regularly in case of data loss or griefing caused by players. We do not guarantee backups, so as a Multicraft user it is your responsibility to have your own backups.

Please Note: The Multicraft backup only backs up the main world on your server. This is typical for regular users, however. If you would like to backup other files, please manually download your worlds via a FTP Client such as FileZilla or CyberDuck.


1. Login to our Multicraft Control Panel

2. Click on "Files > Backup" on the left bar.

3. Click on the "Start" button to start the backup.

4. Upon completion it will be saved to your FTP automatically.

It is always recommended to keep a copy of your backup file of all your worlds on your computer on a regular basis, so use an FTP program such as FileZilla or CyberDuck, to download the file to your computer. You may delete a backup file once in a while from your FTP if you have backups from an earlier date.

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